Lickestra is a musical licking performance at the intersection of food design and smart objects developed in collaboration with smart object designer Carla Diana and musician Arone Dyer of Buke&Gase.

Playing with the experience from tongue to taste, the performance presents a series of conductive ice creams that trigger various baselines and tones when licked.

From improvisation to orchestration, eater becomes performer as the primitive act of licking reaches beyond flavor perception to become an instrument for play.

Lickestra lasts until all the ice cream is licked.


Developed as Artist in Residence at the Visible Futures Lab in New York City, 2014


Read more about the Lickestra performance at Edible Geography.

Read the WIRED magazine coverage.



CITY: New York, NY
WHEN: 7pm, Feb 12, 2014
WHERE: Specials on C

Ice Cream Courtesy of Big Gay Ice Cream!


Stay tuned for more dates…

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